Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

Safeguarding the welfare of farmed animals is important to farmers, veterinarians and the Canadian public. Assurance systems for farm animal welfare are increasingly significant for market access.  Animal Health Canada’s (AHC’s) vision for animal welfare in Canada is for Canada to have a comprehensive farm animal welfare system that:

  • ensures the welfare of farm animals,
  • reflects Canadian values,
  • involves national standards that are informed by scientific research, and
  • includes a suite of compliance tools and activities sufficient to ensure domestic and international confidence in the welfare of farm animals in Canada. 

AHC, through its Animal Welfare Committee has had a long history of providing insight and expert opinions on how to advance animal welfare in support of this vision. 

Summary reports of these initiatives are listed here:

Notice! Our organization has changed names to Animal Health Canada as of January 10, 2022. You might notice some historical documents developed prior to Jan 10, 2022 (newsletters, legacy documents etc.) still reference our prior name, the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council.