Emergency Management

Through its Emergency Management Division, Animal Health Canada is working to improve the readiness of Canada to react to animal health emergencies. It is facilitating the co-creation of shared plans for federal, provincial, and territorial governments and industry that consider the flow of information between all stakeholders and their respective roles and responsibilities to support coordinated actions in a disease outbreak.

Our objective is to enhance the emergency management capabilities of Canada’s livestock industry, for both a continually evolving disease landscape and adverse events, through increased industry awareness, capacity, and confidence.

Outcomes include:

  • Coordinate the development and testing new industry protocols
  • Coordinate the development of emergency management resources (frameworks, plans and handbooks)
  • Promote industry awareness tools and workshops
  • Facilitate online, practical training for private practitioners

Current projects:

Effective April 2023, the Animal Health Emergency Management project was integrated into Animal Health Canada's Emergency Management Division. To access emergency management materials developed under the project, click here.