Forum 2022

AHC Forum

The AHCs annual Forum is a vibrant meeting place for stakeholders in Canada’s animal health and welfare system. It provides an opportunity for all farmed animal stakeholders to collaborate in the work of animal health and welfare in Canada. Participants engage to learn more about AHC’s activities and priorities, hear from thought leaders on topical issues and to share actions and initiatives in relation to animal health and welfare.

Forum 2022 Program
Evolving to Meet the Needs of Tomorrow
September 20-21, 2022 at the Infinity Convention Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Keynote Address
What Have We Learned Living Through Historical Events? - Dr. Mary Jane Ireland - CFIA, Executive Director of the Animal Health Directorate, Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) for Canada and the OIE Delegate for Canada
A perspective on the combined One Health and One Welfare impacts and lessons learned from the COVID pandemic, avian influenza and the disasters in BC on Canadian animal agriculture

Moving Forward Strategically - AHC Co-Chairs, Dr. René Roy and Dre Hélène Trépanier
Where we’ve been – Plant and Animal Health Strategy Outcomes
Where we’re going – AHC Strategic Plan Overview

Labour Shortages – Impact on Animal Health and Welfare
Staffing on the farmJennifer Wright, CAHRC
Need for more veterinariansJost am Rhyn, CVMA

Keynote Address

Brave, Honest Conversations to Lead Positive Change - Stephani Roy McCallum, Speaker, Leadership Coach, Master Facilitator and Trainer – BravelyLead
It starts with you. Brave, honest conversations create new, more possible futures. When we talk together in new and different ways, we get better results, and everything moves forward. Conflict is a signal that something needs to change. Learn to lead powerfully from the conflict and harness that energy for positive change.

Setting the Standards for Animal Care and Welfare in Canada - Jackie Wepruk, NFACC General Manager
Working tirelessly and collaboratively, NFACC has facilitated the update of twelve Codes of Practice, with two more near the finish line, and has recognized a number of animal care programs for farmed animals across Canada.

CLT Program Review Update - Colleen McElwain, AHC Interim Executive Director
Working with key stakeholders and industry partners, AHC has undertaken a program update to improve delivery to provide an engaging participant experience.

Quebec Antimicrobial Use Case Study – Results and Next Steps - Raphaël Bertinotti, Coordonnateur comité des maladies endémiques porcines de EQS
An update from l’Équipe québecoise de santé porcine about its project to reduce antimicrobial use in pigs and next steps in collaborarion with MAPAQ and other stakeholders.

Impact of climate change on animal health and welfare - Resilience and adaptation – BC Panel

  • Dave Taylor, DFC Director, AHC Director, facilitator
  • Dr. Christina Lyn, Greenbelt Veterinary Services
  • John Guliker, Risen Swine
  • Ray Nickel, Poultry producer
  • Kevin Boon, BC Cattlemen’s Association
  • Graham Knox, BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food