About Animal Health Canada

Animal Health Canada (AHC) encompasses a pan-Canadian, public-private collaboration built on the guiding principles of accountability and decision-making open to the participation of federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) governments and all animal agriculture industry sectors. Established in 2021, AHC evolved from the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council, to provide a formal structure for the industry-government collaboration needed to successfully implement the animal health components of the Plant and Animal Health Strategy (PAHS) for Canada.

AHC has evolved into a unique not for profit organization which is funded jointly by federal, provincial and industry/non-government stakeholders. AHC engages expertise to address important topics such as animal welfare, emerging diseases, animal health surveillance, antimicrobial use and resistance, and the emerging theme of “one welfare”.  Along with its divisions, AHC leads the initiation of projects to address animal health and welfare stakeholder needs in Canada.

VISION: A sustainable agriculture and agri-food sector strengthened by an inclusive industry-governments partnership protecting the health and welfare of farmed animals.


  • To establish a harmonized and integrated approach to the management of the broad animal health and welfare program continuum and system in Canada;
  • To provide scientific, strategic and policy advice and recommendations on animal health and welfare matters to the public and private sectors;
  • To undertake activities that advance animal health and welfare in Canada

Strategic Direction - Over the course of its history, AHC’s strategic direction has evolved.

  • In 2014, the NFAHW Strategy was renewed to provide strategic direction until 2020. 
  • Farmed Animal Health and Welfare 2020 included strategic outcomes and priorities and all stakeholders in Canada’s animal health and welfare system were engaged to achieving progress on the strategic outcomes and priorities to 2020. 
  • In 2017 the Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada was released and the Council transitioned to supporting its advancement which provides a national vision to address and prevent evolving risks to plant and animal health in Canada.
  • Looking forward, AHC (formerly the NFAHW Council) will take the lessons learned from its strategic initiatives to build a collaborative, multi-partner model which clarifies the respective roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for all partners in farmed animal health and welfare.