About Animal Health Canada

Animal Health Canada (AHC) is the only national organization that brings together industry, federal, provincial, and territorial partners to provide guidance on a cohesive, functional, and responsive farmed animal health and welfare system in Canada.

Its structure builds collaborative, multi-partner models that clarify respective roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for all partners in farmed animal health and welfare.

Through its divisions and projects, it addresses animal health and welfare topics, such as animal welfare, emerging diseases, animal health surveillance, antimicrobial use and resistance and emerging theme of “one welfare”.

AHC divisions:

AHC is a not-for-profit corporation jointly funded by its members, which include federal, provincial, and territorial governments, industry organizations, and other partners working in animal health and welfare in Canada.

VISION: A sustainable agriculture and agri-food sector strengthened by an inclusive industry-governments partnership protecting the health and welfare of farmed animals.

MISSION: Animal Health Canada provides leadership in building a collaborative, multi-partner model that clarifies the respective roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of each partner implementing an animal health strategy for Canada, beginning with emergency management.


  • To establish a harmonized and integrated approach to the management of the broad animal health and welfare program continuum and system in Canada;
  • To provide scientific, strategic and policy advice and recommendations on animal health and welfare matters to the public and private sectors;
  • To undertake activities that advance animal health and welfare in Canada