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ASF - Resources

Industry ASF Resources  
Canadian Pork Council ASF Webpage African Swine Fever | Canadian Pork Council (
ASF Virus and Clinical Signs ASF Virus and Signs | Canadian Pork Council (
ASF and FAD risks in Feed Transmission of virus through feed and feed ingredients | Canadian Pork Council (
ASF International Update African swine fever in other countries | Canadian Pork Council (
How ASF Can Affect small-scale swine producers/ owners How ASF can affect small scale producers and pet owners | Canadian Pork Council ( 
PigTrace Traceability | Canadian Pork Council (
PigTrace for small-scale swine producers PigTRACE for Small-Scale Pig Producers | Canadian Pork Council (
Federal/National ASF Resources  
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)- ASF Reportable Disease African swine fever - Canadian Food Inspection Agency (
CFIA Animal Health Offices Animal health offices - Canadian Food Inspection Agency ( 
Pig Owners: Protecting pigs from ASF Pig owners: Protecting pigs from African swine fever - Canadian Food Inspection Agency (
CFIA’s Assess the Risks on Your Farm- Biosecurity Checklist Assess the Risks on Your Farm - Biosecurity Checklist - Canadian Food Inspection Agency (
 Surveillance - CanSpot ASF CanSpot ASF (NFAHWC)
Canadian Swine Health Intelligence Network (CSHIN) Welcome [CSHIN]
Canadian Animal Health Surveillance Network (CAHSS) Welcome to CAHSS 
Canadian Small-Scale Pig Farming Manual Small Scale Pig Farming (
Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC) Invasive Pigs CWHC-RCSF :: Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative - Réseau canadien pour la santé de la faune
 Provincial ASF Resources  
 MAPAQ ASF Page (Quebec)  MAPAQ - Peste porcine africaine​ (
 International ASF Resources  
Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) U.S.A ASF page   African Swine Fever – Swine Health Information Center
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) ASF page African swine fever - OIE - World Organisation for Animal Health