Invasive Wild Pig Reporting in Canada

Reporting is an essential part to understanding the distribution of invasive wild pigs in Canada and mitigating their impacts. If you see invasive wild pigs please report them. 

  Website Email Address Phone
Alberta   Report a Wild Boar Online Form   310-3276
Squeal on Pigs Alberta - Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System App 310-3276
British Columbia   Report Invasives App  
Report an Invasive Species Form  
Manitoba Squeal on Pigs Manitoba Online Form   1-833-776-8744
New Brunswick   New Brunswick Invasive Species Council  
Report Wild Pig Sightings 1-506-453-3826
Newfoundland and Labrador Report Wild Pig Sightings   1-709-637-2025
Northwest Territories     Report Wild Pig Sightings  
Report a Species Online Form  
iNaturalist App    
Nova Scotia Report Wild Pig Sightings  
Nunavut Contact Local Conservation Officer  
Ontario  Invading Species Hotline 1-800-563-7711
  Report Wild Pig Sightings 1-833-933-2355
Prince Edward Island Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System App  
Québec Sangliers en liberté, dénoncez-les ! 1-800-463-2191
Saskatchewan   Report Feral Wild Boar Online Form 1-888-935-0000
Sask Pork Reporting   1-833-744-7768
Yukon   Reporting Escaped Livestock   1-867-667-5838
Report Wild Boar Sightings to TIPP (Turn in Poachers and Polluters)   1-800-661-0525