Wild Pig Working Groups in Canada

Wild Pigs Working Groups

From countries that have been infected with ASF to date, one of the biggest challenges that they have faced is how to control the spread of ASF once it is detected in the wild pig population.  Canada does have wild pigs so the EMB is working closely with the Canadian Wildlife Directors Committee (CWDC) and with the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative (CWHC) to ensure that we are prepared for wild pig sampling and surveillance, best management practices and wild pig communications.  The Canadian Invasive Species Action Network- Wild Pig Pilot was launched in April of 2021 with the goal to create a Canadian wild pig strategy.

There are many national working groups focused currently on wild pigs in general and some that are focused on ASF planning and preparedness specifically with regards to wild pigs. There are many partners involved in these wild pig working groups.  For detailed information on this please refer to the Wild Pig working group Org chart:

Pillar 1 progress - Jul 2023