Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) News


SEPT 2020 – Those who successfully completed the CLT training between August 2017 and August 3, 2020 are eligible for a free update and must re-register in the new online system. Please contact the CLT administration at or leave us a message at 403-879-4001 for more information. 

AUG 2020 – New CLT online system to be launched August 2020.

JUL 2020 – CLT moves to the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council (renamed Animal Health Canada in January 2022). Under AHC the training is revised to meet the updated Health of Animals Regulations that came into force early 2020. The training course is updated from four courses to two (1) livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, bison and elk) and (2) poultry.

FEB 2020 – The updated Health of Animals Regulations Part XII (Transport of Animals) came into force. The amendments were published in the Canada Gazette II in 2019. Click here to review summary of February 20, 2020 amendments.

NOV 2018 – Transportation Code of Practice under Revision