Animal Health Canada

Animal Health Canada

Animal agriculture is vital to Canada’s food production and our nation’s prosperity. The government has identified agriculture as a primary industry for growth and exports for Canada, with the Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table recommendations to increase ag exports to at least $85 billion annually by 2025. The Strategy recommends strengthening the Canadian Agri-Food Sector by building “an agile regulatory system that supports innovation, provides certainty to industry, and protects health and safety”. The importance of effective animal disease prevention, preparedness, response and recovery programming is essential to meeting that objective. The concept of “Animal Health Canada” recognizes a collaborative new animal health strategy is the best delivery mechanism for that programming.

Through discussions led by the Animal Health Canada Working Group,  a new collaborative approach to animal health management is emerging. We envision developing a holistic, results-driven governance model for animal health that will better ensure the health and wellbeing of Canada’s farmed animals. The strategy is being informed and shaped by the input and shared values of the livestock production value chain and federal, provincial, and territorial partners.

Demonstration of an effective collaborative approach may also enhance public trust regarding food safety, zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial stewardship, and animal care.  It is important that government and industry align on the Animal Health Canada approach. Sharing resources will ensure effective implementation of programs and emergency response operations and improve vital capacities and scientific infrastructure.

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