Plant and Animal Health Strategy (PAHS)

Plant and Animal Health Strategy (PAHS)

Developed in 2017, the Plant and Animal Health Strategy for Canada (PAHS) provided a national vision to address and prevent evolving risks to plant and animal health in Canada. More specifically, it was a partnership-based strategy that reflected the commitment between governments, industry, academia, and other partners to protect plant and animal health. Animal Health Canada (AHC) leads the coordination and reporting on Canada’s animal health progress as it pertains to the PAHS, bearing in mind the tools and information collected under the previous Farmed Animal Health and Welfare 2020 Strategy.  

Since 2020, the Animal Health Canada Initiative  has been in development through work of the NFAHW Council and other partners. The name change of the association from Council to Animal Health Canada is one step in the process to move to a results-driven governance model for animal health and welfare in Canada.  AHC’s strategy will be informed by, and shaped with input from, the livestock production value chain and federal, provincial, and territorial partners based on the PAHS.

The objectives of the 2021 PAHS Reporting Project are to:

  • Develop a national animal health progress report that describes the activities, successes, and opportunities relating to the PAHS;
  • Capture stakeholder perspectives on the value and utility of the PAHS in guiding organizational planning, policies, and activities as it relates to animal health; and,
  • Facilitate conversations with Council members and stakeholders  in animal health and welfare, to facilitate strategic alignment in preparation for a new strategy under Animal Health Canada.

As part of the consultation process with stakeholders for the PAHS project, the second 2021 Forum Session reviewed the concepts and intents behind the PAHS, provided an update on key animal health and welfare activities in Canada, and described the Plant and Animal Health Strategy summary project. This session will be utilized as a collaborative session to help guide strategic planning.

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Notice! Our organization has changed names to Animal Health Canada as of January 10, 2022. You might notice some historical documents developed prior to Jan 10, 2022 (newsletters, legacy documents etc.) still reference our prior name, the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council.